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"Tiffany was very helpful.  As a new resident in NC, she was very helpful and knowledgeable.  Great person to have at the front desk.  I was very pleased and will recommend in the future."  Christine S.

"We were so impressed with the service, courteous, cleanliness, & treatment of our pet. He's staying there next week while we are traveling."  Charles R.

"I am very pleased with cardinal Animal Hospital. Keep up the great work-you are an assett to the community." Trudy I.


"I absolutely loved the atmosphere and quality care Marley received at Cardinal. He was clean, smelled good, and happy when I picked him up. The staff was extremely courteous. It was a great experience. Thank you very much for the quality care and service we received. We'll be back again soon!"  Felicia B.

"I have taken both my dogs, Chelsea & Poppyseed-my experience was very good and I feel very safe and comfortable taking the girls to you.  I am glad to have found you."  Ginny R.

"I appreciate that my dog was not caged for several hours, and your staff honored my request that he be groomed in a timely manner. Very nice!"  Janis S.

""Keep up the good work-I was very impressed!" (referring to our groomer, Kathy)  Mary Y.

"Our experience was great at your facility and our babies Riley and Sebastian looked fabulous. Thanks a bunch."  Kathy G.

"Great care to the animals, sincere. Mishka loves to come there!"  Lisa M.

"I think your place is excellent."  Martha R.

"My fur babies health is of utmost importance to me. I've been very disappointed in the vet care he received during our time in Greensboro, including lack of knowledge regarding canine behavior, not calling regarding test results, etc.  We are VERY impressed and happy with your facility, personnel, and medical care at Cardinal. I'm grateful for the returned calls from the doctors and assistants who are the most knowledgeable of any we've encountered in Greensboro."  Dana L.

"Thank you-I really appreciate your exceptional service! Great service, beautiful practice, great staff!"  Liz W.

"It is a wonderful place-the best ever."  Theresa C.

"The best vets office I've ever been to.  Great estimate sheet that was very close to bill. I like the fact I received it before the visit and not after everything! I felt comfortable and info was very accurate & helpful."  Samantha S.

"I am very pleased. I love the fact that the doctor called me the next day to see how Belle was. She even returned my call the following day. Thank you."  Darren E.

"Very pleased with the techs who provided loving care to our 10 year old cat."  Karen L.

"Everyone was so nice and seemed to care about my dog. She was a little nervous and the receptionist suggested that I bring her back again just to visit so she'd have a good feeling about coming in. Good idea and very thoughtful."  Susan A.

"Clean office, staff friendly & knowledgeable."  Marci & Derek B.

"You guys are great-thank you."  Amanda B.

"All staff was friendly & courteous & showed interest and concern for my puppy's care. Thank you!"  Danielle & Bryan E.

"The entire staff was great & so personable. I feel very comfortable with the veterinary assistants and the doctor's care of my cat.  The doctor was courteous and allowed me to ask all my first time pet owner questions. We love you guys!"  Abbey P.

"The groomer was so nice and did a good job. Your staff was so nice, not like where we go now. We will be coming there for our veterinary needs from now on."  Edith R.

"I was very pleased with the great job the groomer, Kathy did on my cat Ellie. She was not stressed at all-your staff are all very professional, kind, and polite." Doris Ann G.

"As my dog Minnie was put to sleep they all made me feel very comfortable as I said goodbye to my companion of 15 years. Thank you for the lovely plaque of Minnie's paws."  Anna B.

"I love this vet! They called a couple of times to check up on Cameron and seemed to care how she was doing. They really seem sincere. Thanks for everything!"  Arteia & Kevin M.

"Overall I am very pleased! Your service is better than (will not mention other vet in town). FAR BETTER from receptionists to doctor!"  Tu W.

"Thanks for the nice people & good care we received. It was a very positive experience."  Emily W.

"Beautiful office, very neat & organized. The kids loved watching the groomer while we waited. Enjoyed our tour before boarding-no other office has ever offered a tour to us! Very nice place-you should be proud of it & your staff!"  Kacey M.

"I could not ask for a better facility. Wonderful staff and so clean you can eat off the floor. Thank you so much for your help and concern."  Cindy C.

"I was very impressed at how clean the facility was and how friendly the staff was.  I felt very welcomed & could tell everyone who came in contact with my dog really took the time to get to knw her. I was very pleased." Deborah N.

"My dog Zoe was treated and her skin seemed to be heating.  I'm so grateful and so is she.  She is my sweetheart & her happiness is my great concern.  Thanks to you great people-you know what you are doing.  I had taken her to a different vet and no relief. But y'all helped her.  Thanks from my heart."  Diane C.

"Thank you for not shunning me with a large puppy (Bull Mastiff).  I felt welcome and cared about.  I enjoy your office & staff!  I was even offered an "extra hand" while checking out AND offered help out to my vehicle!! Wow! Keep doing what you are doing.  I have sung your praises to several people I've met in the area.  Staff is very friendly, patient, & helpful.  I have never felt so comfortable & pleased at a vet's office." Windy S.